Global Solutions

Our global solutions are the most efficient and effective way to control your brand, in print, around the world. Our Premier Platform meets the highest qualifications and has been tested to deliver repeatable, reliable results. Our global paper program includes a network of elite suppliers and our proprietary color management ensures brand uniformity in every location. A key factor in the strength of our solution is that we utilize industry-leading printing techniques to guarantee that the product you print in Hong Kong is identical to the product you print in London and in New York. You can count on our worldwide distribution channels to deliver printed materials quickly and efficiently, every time.

Our best-in-class philosophy unites the reputation of Sotheby’s name with the technical and organizational properties of our high-end printing and distribution relationships. We, of course, hold these same high standards to our photography and design consultation, onsite staffing, and most importantly metrics and reporting. With our commitment to quality and service you can rest assured that your brand standards and budget will be met every time.